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Different Kinds Of Vape Mods And Their Features

After cig-a-likes and vape pens, vape mods came in the market and they are best known for their modified features. If you want to vape with more firepower and also want to add to your personalized features then you should go with the vape mods which you can get from any top-rated online store. The innovative features like coils with lesser resistance are what gives these mods more power and eventually, you get even bigger cloud. To understand correctly how to choose the best vape mod based on its working, the first thing you need to understand is Ohm’s law and how it works. However, when you will go to the market, you will find two types of vape mods that are discussed below.

The two different types of vape mods:

Regulated vape mods – As the name of this type depicts, these mods are the ones which can be regulated. They have a circuit board in it which adds a major safety feature to the device. It also has various features which are adjustable according to your use and preferences like temperature, voltage, etc. The best part is that these features are not at all complex to control or adjust and it is the best option for a beginner vaper. If you want to vape with more fun then, you can try some exotic Vape Juice brands like vapetasia at this online vape shop here.

Its features

  • These vaping mods are good for their safety features. It is because they have a circuit board which is protected with any sort of short circuit. The circuit prevents the device, especially battery from a fire in case of any short circuit.
  • Another feature about these mods is that it protects the device from overcharging which caused a fire in previous models of vape devices.
  • The voltage is fixed in a vape mod and it makes sure that you get a standard quality experience, consistently. It doesn’t matter if your battery is fully charge or very low, you will be enjoying the same amount of clouds.

Unregulated vape mods – The unregulated vape mods are exactly opposite to the regulated ones. There is no circuit board in it but a case which holds the battery and atomizer. It has no such security feature as the regulated ones which may create some risk but if you are a professional vaper then you won’t have a problem in using this.

Its Features

  • These vape devices allow a vaper to make their coil and this allows professionals to customize it according to their preferences.
  • You can also customize the box of your unregulated vape mod. Various websites are selling these online which you can either choose from their list or you can give your style to make it.
  • They have batteries in it which are very useful because if you are out and your batteries die then you don’t have to worry about charging them. Just keep an extra pair of charged ones and change when needed.


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